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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Brittany and Dave’s Wedding In Pictures

Sorry I’ve been MIA, but it’s been for the second best reason in the world… my little sister’s wedding (1st reason would have been my own haha).  It was this past weekend in Scottsbluff, NE, which is AKA God’s country.  I can’t express how beautiful and magical this weekend was.  The only minor downfall was that Brittany caught a cold earlier in the week and I woke up with it on Friday morning.  Thank God we have a family friend that is a doctor that was kind enough to come to my house and give me some medicine.  I was ready to go by game time on Saturday!  I’ll quit rambling on about the weekend and you can see for yourself the pictures.

All the bridesmaids at the church for rehearsal

Mom and the little bridey at the rehearsal dinner

All hair all done

Best man and matron of honor

Just Married!

My Dad's Car

Chocolate and White layers with raspberries


Outside the main part of the reception at the pasture

The place settings

Matron of Honor Speech by Yours Truly

The pretty dance floor


I had a wonderful time!  I’m so sad that it’s over.  The happy bride and groom are honeymooning in St. Lucia for 8 days, while we all gotta get back with it.  God Bless everyone that was a part of this weekend:)



It’s Almost Here!

Since finishing Insanity, I have been slightly at a loss about what to do for workouts.  I obviously want to just run, but two things are semi-stopping me: the Phoenix heat wave and I don’t feel like my back is fully ready to go full-speed with it just yet.  I had a minor set-back withContinue Reading

Feel Like You’re In A Foreign Country In Your Own City

For my Oriental Medicine Nutrition class this semester, one of our assignments was to go check out one of the Asian markets in the Phoenix Area.  We have two here… either Ranch 99 or Lee Lee Supermarket.  I brought David with me because he has an affinity for grocery stores.  Our assignment was to findContinue Reading

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