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Monthly Archives: September 2011

6 Reasons I Love the Fall

It’s no secret that I love fall.  I look forward to it every summer.  There are so many great things about the fall…

  1. Husker Football.  I’m from Nebraska and that’s what we have in the fall.  There is nothing better than watching them dominate on a Saturday!  Since I’m in Arizona now, I don’t get to go to very many home games, so I miss tailgating, but watching them on TV satisfies me sometimes.

    The family tailgating at a home gate a few seasons back

  2. Cooler Temperatures.  I’m definitely a moderate temperature type of girl.  My favorite clothes are jeans and sweaters.  Again, living in Arizona puts a damper on this a little bit, but by November, this is usually a reality.  I love going out for runs a little bit later than 5 am and feeling the crisp air.

    Australia in the fall

  1. Fall Foliage.  I definitely took this for granted when I lived in the midwest and Denver.  I absolutely love when the leaves change colors.  It’s one of the most beautiful things to me now.  When I lived in Denver, I went for a walk every single day just to admire this.
  2. Holidays.  I love holidays.  The fall has lots of them!  Halloween, Thanksgiving, my husband’s birthday, and last, but not least, we’re one step closer to Christmas! I love getting together with everyone, since we all live all over the place.  Who doesn’t like Christmas?  That’s a whole other post on it’s own.

    Last Thanksgiving with 2 families!

  3. Food.  I love the fall food, whether it’s tailgating food, soups and stews, or  holiday food.  Oh yeah, we must not forget everything pumpkin-flavored.  Fall is my comfort season definitely.

    Fighting for the wishbone… randomly we both got equal pieces. When does that happen?

  4. Running Season.  This is probably mostly for us Arizonans, but since moving here, I’ve considered fall the running season partly because after brutal summers, it feels amazing to get outside and run without melting and partly because January is the Rock N’ Roll P.F. Chang’s Marathon, so we train for it in these months.

    A race in October… how perfect:)

My Favorite Superfoods

Lately, I’ve been trying to pack as many superfoods into my diet as possible!  This post is dedicated to showing you that these “trendy,” yet incredibly healthy foods aren’t as gross and scary as most of you may think. 1.  Chia Seeds.  The people of the ancient Aztec and Mayan empires revered chia seeds asContinue Reading

Crystal Light Pure Goodness

I received some samples of Crystal Light Pure in the mail a couple of days ago and I’ve been hooked.  I used to drink Crystal Light like in high school religiously, but I stopped somewhere along the way, and now this is a reinvented staple in my diet.  It’s good that they re-did the produceContinue Reading

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