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Friday Favorites

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Hi Ya’ll!  I hope you all had a great week.  I was a busy girl with an extra event for school at a local hospital, but it was a fun time.  I know I’m strange for saying this, but I like being in hospitals.  With that said, here are my Friday favorites.  It’s not very long because my time to browse the internet dwindled slightly.

Favorite maxi dress. Here we go again with the color blocking, but I love it.  I also love racerback tops and dresses.

Favorite restaurant recreation – orange chicken.  This photo is making my mouth water it looks so good.  I love Panda Express orange chicken despite it being very fake.  This homemade version, however, might make the cut as more healthy (at least I know the ingredients).

Favorite “duh” housewear. David and I buy tons and tons of produce each week and have to set it all out on the countertop to ripen.  I, however, hate having crap sitting on the countertops cluttering it all up.  We don’t like putting most of it in the refrigerator either because we don’t like cold (I know, we’re weird).  A plant planter is the perfect solution.

Favorite infographic.  Self-explanatory.

Favorite side-dish.  I would actually probably eat this as a meal (if I could consume cheese).  This little gem looks like an amazing way to bulk up regular rice.  For people that can consume dairy food, run… make this now!

Have a great weekend:)  I’ll be back with more pictures from Northern California also!

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One Response to Friday Favorites

  1. Sara C. says:

    OMG. The bannana hanger idea is AWESOME!!!!! A crazy pet peeve of mine is banannas on the counter and the hanger isn’t enough to hold all my monkey treats!! This could be a solution!! :) xoxox

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