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Monthly Archives: December 2012

9 Things I Plan to Do in the Last 9 Weeks of Pregnancy


I hope you all had a great last weekend in 2012! My family celebrated Christmas this past weekend and we all had a great time.  It was great to see my sister and Dave, my mom (as usual) and my other extended family.  I also saw a couple friends I hadn’t seen in years.

One of the friends I saw has two kids and we talked all things baby for a couple hours.  Upon returning home, my nesting instinct kicked in (and I think David’s did too!) and we put the stroller and high chair together.  I set out all the 0-3 month clothes to get washed and looked at all the stuff that has been stuffed in his closet for a couple months.  This week my mom is coming over and we are going to get Aiden’s room looking more baby-ready!  I’m more than ecstatic.  I’ll give you all an update later in the week of what we have gotten thus far and a nursery update.

For today, I realized that I’m 30 weeks 6 days and only have 9 weeks 1 day left (well it’ll probably be longer, but maybe shorter), so I thought about 9 things that I really want to do in the next 9 weeks.

1.  Keep Exercising.  I really realized on Friday that my 3 miles walks are getting hard.  I was absolutely exhausted by the end and I actually felt kinda weak and dizzy.  I think I need to learn to listen to my body better instead of trying to get in the mileage.  At the beginning of my pregnancy, I never thought I would enjoy simple walking so much, but I love it!  I’m going to try my hardest to keep waddling through the next 9 weeks no matter how slow I am.


2. Market my business.  Last week I met with the woman that owns The Pregnancy Wellness Center of Parker and I’m going to start my acupuncture practice through there.  I won’t just be treating pregnant women, so if you live in the Denver area and aren’t pregnant, come on in anyways!  I am so excited to start this venture and I absolutely love Nancy Hampton (the owner).  I’m not worried about the timing of starting and having a baby because it’s flexible and I know David and I will make it work.


3.  Spend time with David.  I know that having a baby is going to be so fun and exciting, but with that said, I’m a little nostalgic about “our” nonstop alone time coming to an end.  We have traveled through Australia and New Zealand together as well as several domestic places and I love our spontaneous activities that we do together.  With that said, I know a baby is more than worth it… we are ready for the change!  We are going to Dillon, CO in a couple weeks for our last little traveling hurrah.


4.  Nesting.  I know myself and this will probably occupy most of the next nine weeks!  My sister is throwing me a baby shower in a month, so we’ll get some more stuff for the baby then.  Since we moved into our house, we did a pretty good job of settling in pretty quickly, but there have been a few projects that we pushed to the back burner and those are going to get done… probably this week and then I’ll find more projects to do.


5.  Sleep.  I am going to sleep as much as possible.  Despite having problems getting comfortable with this big belly, I’m going to rest and pamper myself as much as possible, so I don’t start motherhood absolutely exhausted.


6.  Learn how to use all the baby stuff.  I feel like baby stuff is supposed to be very user friendly, but some of it looks a little intimidating, so we need to make sure we can work all the equipment without thinking too hard.


7.  Go to unmedicated birthing class.  At the beginning of my pregnancy, I thought that I wanted the most natural birth possible and that I never would get an epidural.  While I still do have those desires, I also realize that things can go differently when your in labor and I’m willing to do what’s best for me, my husband and the baby.  I’m still going to write a birth plan, but I’m trying to be educated about all the options, but not rigid.

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 7.58.13 AM

8.  Snuggle with Otis.  I will still be doing this after Aiden is born, but I love him so darn much that I can’t help it!  We spend a ton of time together each day and this will soon change, so I want to bask it in now.  (I might be a little obsessed with my dog).


9. Relax! I’m usually a go-go-go type of person.  I love relaxing, but I feel unproductive and find myself needing to be busy.  In the last 9 weeks, however, I’m going to sleep longer, read more, watch some TV, and just enjoy not being so busy.


Unfortunately, I won’t be relaxing on a beach.

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