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35 Weeks To-Do List (Update)

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  • Interview pediatrician. David and I completed this and decided on one.  Now I just have to confirm with them that they are in fact, Aiden’s doctors and to come to the hospital when he is born.  Advice: I would pick a pediatrician that is in contract with your delivering hospital because then the hospital will call them when you deliver for you and they will come themselves.  Otherwise, you’ll use a pediatrician from the hospital and have to get your medical records to take with you a couple days later for your first visit.
  • Research placenta encapsulation specialist.  This is all ready to go.  All I have to do is have my mom drop the placenta off when it’s time!
  • Get my vaccination records.  I have done this and I received the Tdap at my 32 week visit.  Everything else is up to date.
  • Sign up for hospital tour.  We did the tour during our birth class last week.
  • Sign up for birth class.  We are going to our last one this Thursday night!
  • Interview Doula.  I have met with her one time already and we are meeting one more time before labor.
  • Breast Feeding Class.  I don’t think this is going to get done.  Now that I work with the Pregnancy Wellness Center, I feel that I have lots of resources available if I have problems.
  • Baby Insurance.  We are lucky to have David’s job and just have to call them when the baby is born and then he’ll be insured.
  • Research cord banking.  We decided not to do this, but we are delaying the cord clamping for a couple of minutes after he is born so that he can get more of that blood.
  • Register for baby gifts.  This is complete and the shower is this coming weekend.  We will probably have a couple odds and ends to buy for Aiden such as a bathtub and baby soaps.  I really think that might be it though.
  • Research cloth diapering.  I wrote a post on this last week and have decided to go with disposable for now.
  • Write birth plan.  I have to formally put all of this down on paper for labor, birth and postpartum wishes but I have spoke to my doula about all my wishes.
  • Figure out maternity/new born photography. This is complete.  We decided not to do maternity photography, but we are doing birth and newborn photography, which I am ecstatic about!  Check out the website here.
  • Paint the nursery. This was finished in November
  • Fill out medical power of attorney.  I have the paperwork.  I just have to fill it out.
  • Use Legal Zoom to create a guardianship/will for Aiden.  This probably isn’t going to get done until later actually.  My family knows the drill if something were to happen to David and I.  I’m not too worried about this step at the moment.
  • Buy nursing bras.  I bought a couple this weekend.  I have two nursing tanks, a nighttime nursing bra, and a regular nursing bra.  I will probably need more, but this is a start.  I also bought some Hanes underwear that I can dispose of after I leave the hospital.
  • Put up monkey wall decal in nursery. This is done.
  • Wash all 0-3 month clothes and crib sheets.  This is done.
  • Paint the dresser.  This is done.
  • Create phone list for my sister when I go into labor
  • Buy diapers.  We bought 1 box of newborn and one box of size 1 to get us started.
  • Write thank you notes after the shower
  • Read “The Happiest Baby on the Block”
  • Drink lots of Red Raspberry Leaf tea once I’m 37 weeks
  • Put stuff away in the dresser and figure out a convenient place for everything
  • Figure out what I need for nursing such as cream, pads, etc.
  • Figure out how to work the stroller and carseat/travel system
  • Pack a diaper bag!!  I’m so excited about this one:)
  • Buy gift for photographer and doula  (We received our photographer as part of a promotion!!)
  • Go on a date (or 2)
  • Install carseat and have it inspected.  This will happen at the hospital when I’m staying there.
  • Freeze meals
  • Pack hospital bag
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