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Top Five Friday Favorites

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We had a good week over here complete with a visit from grandma, a visit to Book Babies with a friend and baby friend, and daddy getting a day off during the weekday.  We had the unfortunate visit to the doctor for the 9 month well-baby check, but that also went well.

1. Botanical Gardens Blossom of Lights Exhibit.  Like I mentioned yesterday, we went to the Botanical Gardens display of lights and it was beautiful! If you have this in your city, GO!


2. Skittles VodkaI’m with these people – I like skittles and I like vodka, so this combination has to be pretty good.  I think this mixed with some sierra mist would be an excellent combination.  I’m usually not a proponent of food coloring, but it’s all about moderation, right?


3. Crochet Boot SocksI always think it looks so cute when girls have frilly socks showing outside of their boots plus it takes away the slipping sock problem.  I hate that!

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 7.31.01 PM


4. Gluten-Free Pizza Crust.  Before the strict diet days, David and I used to order a $5 Papa Murphy’s pizza during the weekend frequently.  It was easy, cheap and really tasty for watching football.  Since then, I’ve really missed our little “tradition.”  We also make homemade pizza from scratch on Christmas Eve as a family, so I can’t wait to try this crust!!  I’m going to have to LOAD up on lots of toppings and spices, so I don’t miss the cheese too much.


5. Personalized Alphabet BookI think this is adorable!  It definitely works as a learning tool and probably resonates with kids better.  It’s also a perfect keepsake.


If you would like to look at more of my favorites, follow me on Pinterest.

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a long time!  David has to use his vacation days up for the year, so he has a 4 day weekend with us.  I think we’ll finish (or start) our Christmas shopping, do some house chores, get caught up on sleep and spend time together.  We do have a sleep consultant coming over on Monday afternoon to help us with our sleep issues.  I’ll talk more about this next week.


What are you doing this weekend?

What was your favorite link this week?

Are you ready for Christmas?


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5 Responses to Top Five Friday Favorites

  1. Those Botanical garden lights are beautiful, and the crochet boot socks too!!

  2. We’re planning to bundle Logan up and take him out to see the lights too!

  3. Courtney says:

    I love the socks! I wish there was any reason to wear boots in FL. Flip flops and socks just aren’t as cute…
    I’ve always wanted to try the skittles vodka. I hate vodka though so mainly because it is cute. Maybe next year to give away!
    Now I want pizza! I love the Eve tradition.
    And, the alphabet personalized book is super cute. I want to make one when I get one of those free shutterfly photo book coupons one of these days. They seem to come often enough.

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