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Natal to Nest Barre Class Review

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For all you Denver folks – I found a little gem over in Highlands Ranch that you won’t want to miss – Natal to Nest!  It’s a little place that provides growing families a healthy place to connect and grow their knowledge.

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They offer lots of different classes and services for moms anywhere on the childbearing spectrum – from preconception to postpartum and beyond.  I had been hearing about this place for months and was really excited when they contacted me to try out a barre class.

The best part?  They offer onsite childcare during the class.  The owner took care of Aiden in a separate room and he played and played with the toys.  I could barely drag him out of there.

image-10 The class was equally as enjoyable for me.  It had that personal trainer feel to it, so I knew I was getting a good workout.  The teacher was knowledgeable and pushed me harder than I could push myself.  I took ballet when I was little and know dancers have great bodies, so I’m excited that the barre workout was invented so a broader population could experience the exercises that make dancers look so lean and strong.

The 45 minutes flew by and before I knew it, the class was over and I my muscles were shaking to a rhythm they hadn’t felt in a long time!


They also offer baby at the barre for new moms that can wear their babies while they do the barre class.  Talk about some extra benefits – bonding with your baby and using their weight as extra leverage for your workout!  Wheew.  I would have loved to do this with Aiden when he was a manageable size in the carrier!


This is a perfect place for not only moms, but all women who want a studio-type workout for a good price with excellent instructors.  The owner, Stacey, is a really sweet woman as well!

Disclaimer: I was offered a free class in exchange for a review, but all opinions are mine as usual!


Have you taken a barre class?

Don’t you love these women wellness centers that are popping up!?


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4 Responses to Natal to Nest Barre Class Review

  1. Carling Main says:

    I need to go! This looks amazing! Dance with my little one, perfection!

  2. dane jones says:

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